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Trainer Fit: $150

An excellent option for anyone on a budget but needing a great fit. Using a variety of tools, your bike fitter will take measurements of various joint angles created when you, the cyclist, are in various cycling positions and will make adjustments based on those measurements. 

Schedule your trainer fit here: 

Retul Fitting: $275

Retul is the most advanced fitting technology on the market today. After performing a variety of strength and mobility movements, the rider is placed on their own bike and wired to the Retul fit harness which the infrared camera uses to collect data. That data is what the fitter uses to make adjustments to the cyclist's position. No other dynamic bike fitting technology uses the cyclist's own bike to perform the most accurate fitting possible. 

Schedule your Retul fit here: 

New! In home stationary bike fitting: $150

With the increasingly larger presence of at home stationary bikes, it only made sense to offer this as an option to my clients. A standard trainer fitting done on your stationary bike, in your home. The 3 hour scheduling appointment also includes my travel time. Your actual appoint will only take about 1 hour.


Schedule your in home appointment here: 

Fitting Services
Know Before You Go

What to know before you go:

1. All fittings are performed out of Edge Athlete Lounge at 1747 North Elston in Chicago. Should a problem arise or if you need to reach me, please do not call Edge. You can call or email me directly with the info listed on the contact page. 

2. There is free parking on Elston and on Willow. If you park on Willow be mindful of the reserved parking spaces. There is also free parking in the garage located off of Willow. When turning on Willow from Elston it's the first set of garage doors on the left. Again, be mindful of any reserved parking spaces. 

4. There is a $50 deposit due at the time of booking which will be applied towards the total at the end of your fit. If you fail to show or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you forfeit the deposit. 

5. I accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX.

6. Bring your bike, your shoes and cycling clothing to your appointment. The more form fitting the clothing, the better the measurement and the more precise your fit will be. 

7. Loose fitting shorts and t-shirts can NOT be worn for Retul fits. 

8. If there is anything you would like your fitter to know before your arrival you can email or add it to the notes on the booking page. 

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I began my career as a bike fitter while working at Element Multisport in 2011. I attended Retul University in Boulder, CO in 2012 for my Retul certification and ever since then I have performed hundreds of bike fits for hundreds of clients on all types of bikes whether they be road, triathlon, cross or mountain bikes. I take the time to understand my clients, their goals, limitations and the type of racing or riding they'll be doing and I take all those factors into consideration when making fit adjustments. 

I attended Barnett Bicycle Institute in October of 2o19 so that I could expand my bike service knowledge and I now offer limited service work as well.

I'm a USAT Level 1 certified triathlon coach since 2012 and have raced Ironman 16 times. I'm also a 2014 Leadville Leadman finisher and 5 time Leadville Silver King. When I'm not in the fit studio, coaching, training or teaching fitness classes I can be found at UIC studying to be a registered dietitian. 



1747 North Elston Ave

Chicago, IL 60642

Tel: 312-933-5874

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